Ryefield Falcons

Falcon breeding, displays and bird control

Falconry Services 

Falconry services offers bird deterrent across the UK. We use a variety of experienced hawks and falcons to ensure the best outcome for your site. All birds are flown free,  with backpacks and one of the two transmitters worn is a GPS tracker, allowing our site contact a wide range of statistics of each flight, which is then sent via email after each visit conducted, alongside a complete report.

All programmes are tailored to suit you, and can be annual or just cover the duration of the target bird breeding season. 

Alongside Falconry we can conduct clean ups, roof walks and egg and nest removals.


For protected bird specie causing a nuisance we use birds of prey along with any other methods needed, and non protected birds, such as pigeon, we can still use birds of prey, but trapping, shooting and proofing too.



Our current sites include council depots to stadiums, schools to landfills.

We offer a free demonstration and quote should you be interested.


We have many happy customers across the UK should references be required.


We cover all types of bird control.

*Birds of prey






We are fully insured, with all relivent licenses and documentation, which is sent upon request.

Please note - all of our staff hold individual bird control licenses as well as the use of general licenses.

✔ General licenses 

✔ Individual control licenses

✔ Recreational quarry licenses

✔ AAL license

✔ Fully Insured 

✔ Public liability cover

Residential pest control 


As well as bird control, DELTA pest control, offers a fully qualified experienced service, covering the following -


(Rats, mice, moles)

*Bees and wasps


*Rabbit and fox clearance 


Based in Coventry