Ryefield Falcons

Falcon breeding, displays and bird control


Established in 2015 we have only been around a short time, in that time we have successfully bred good quality merlins from arguably the best blood line in the UK.

In early 2018 we relocated to a better suited location in order to expand.

Our farm now has been completely renovated in order to accommodate our falcons in their bespoke pens.

Recently we have welcomed a number of imprint peregrines with the hope of breeding to commence in 2019.

In the 2019 breeding season we should have -

Pure peregrine - Falco peregrinus

Gyr Falcons - Falco Rusticolus

Merlin - Falcon columbarius

7/8 White Gyr X Saker - Falco Rusticolus x Falco Cherrug


All from exceptional lineage, F1 and F2 lines, Falcon Mews, Dan Conkel, Steve Maroney, Paul Crawford, Nick Wilkinson etc.


All available to the UK market.


Imprints available once deposit secured, all imprints DNA sexed, and relivent documentation will be available upon collection.


For further details, price list and availability please don't hesitate to email or call us using the information provided on the contact page.

Breeding female peregrines