Ryefield Falcons

Falcon breeding, displays and bird control

About us

Welcome to Ryefield Falcons. We specialise in falcon breeding and have been establised since 2015. We have since relocated enabling us to breed pure peregrine, gyr and merlins. With hope to breed some sub specie of peregrine in the near future.


We have a small team of operatives working for us, enabling us to hold a very high standard whether that be for deterrent, displays, breeding or filming.


With the bird deterrent we cover the entire of the UK and work for some of the largest companies ensuring the best outcomes using different methods.

Our birds

Although we are rapidly expanding we have a minimum of 30 birds at the farm, mainly falcons, although we also have a variety of others.


We have two full time staff, as well as apprentices, that run the whole farm. Between us we conduct pest control, shows and breeding, with occasional hunting trips. The majority of birds we breed from are proven gamehawks.

✔ General Licenses

✔ Individual Licenses

✔ Recreational quarry license 

✔ AAL License - AAL188

✔ Fully Insured 

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